How many people can 50000 tons of food feed?

The Mustard Seed’s top priority has always been ending hunger in Greater Victoria. However, the recently opened Food Rescue Processing Kitchen goes above and above to help people in need.

The Mustard Seed Food Security Distribution Center’s newest addition is the Food Rescue Processing Kitchen. The Center, which was established last year, aims to provide access to fresh, wholesome, and delectable goods for people who are in vulnerable situations in their lives.

A devoted group of volunteers works nonstop six days a week to collect and process 50,000 tonnes of donated fresh food. Local grocery stores including several Whole Foods, Thrifty Foods, and Country Market outlets give these fresh dairy, meat, and fruit supplies. These foods would have ended up in a landfill if they hadn’t been donated.

“These groceries arrive at our warehouse… and then reach 87,000 individuals per month through our programmes and those of our partner organisations,” claims Janiene Boice.

Boice is The Mustard Seed’s director of development. Her organisation is a part of the Food Share Network, a 96-member group of non-profit organisations that provides food to numerous communities in the area who face a food insecurity crisis.

She says, “The food is normally in excellent condition, but occasionally we’re unable to send it out again as is. “We reasoned that instead of throwing away this fresh, nutrient-dense food because of a bump or a scaly patch, why not turn it into soups, sauces, and stocks. So that we may send it out as well. me

To make this concept a reality, Victoria’s HeroWork and The Mustard Seed collaborated. To raise $50,000 for the construction of a professional processing kitchen for this usage in The Mustard Seed’s Esquimalt warehouse, HeroWork approached the TELUS Community Foundation.

The Food Rescue Processing Kitchen was established as a result.

Jill Howard exclaims, “The ready-to-eat soups, sauces, and stocks created at the Food Rescue Processing Kitchen will provide plenty of nutritional value to the meals and hampers delivered to children, families, elders, homeless populations, and other vulnerable groups in our community.”

In Victoria for the past 11 years, Howard has worked as a manager with TELUS Employer Solutions. She participates actively in her community as a volunteer and worked on the site of the Food Rescue Processing Kitchen’s building.

HeroWork, which is renowned for its construction initiatives powered by volunteers, constructed the industrial processing kitchen from the ground up.

Paul Latour describes the nonprofit he started, HeroWork, as one that performs improvements for other organisations at a fraction of the time and expense.

For charities to have a greater impact, we perform extensive improvements. We assess their infrastructure before working with these groups to ensure that the adjustment is indeed something that will provide them more power in the long run, according to Latour.

HeroWork relies on its network of volunteers to complete these tasks and only employs four full-time staff members, including Latour. According webseriescycle to Latour, TELUS employees will be a part of this network.

He notes that the Volunteer Liaison team is frequently composed of up to 90% TELUS employees and that project teams comprise both ticketed trade professionals and more general capability volunteers.

According to Latour, “We have folks like Jill Howard from TELUS who consistently step up to engage in the run-up to and throughout the event, as well as to function as a leader to other teams.” I’ve also witnessed other employees from her organisation assume similar positions. We rely heavily on these backers.

Making a difference in our communities requires both corporate and community involvement, says Boice. “Organizations like TELUS go above and beyond simply providing food for people when they work with us to improve the outlook for folks who are struggling financially. They get the chance to see the other side, participate in finding a solution, and then witness the actual change.

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